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The first online purchasing portal that adds value as a GPO as well with reverse distribution, consulting, and OTC/retail products.

As a pharmacist led company, we expect you have heard that as a GPO we successfully shop for the best rates, donate to groups pushing to pass legislation to protect your business model from predatory PBMs, keep you on the fore-front of new products and support services, and more. Beyond these core services we excel at for our members, we have turned the GPO model on it’s head by freeing pharmacies from the rebate, minimum, or any commitment business relationship. When we have the best prices, we will earn your business. Please give us a chance by signing up and taking a look at what our vendors have to offer.


Group Pharmacy Purchasing

We are pharmacist founded and will free you from commitments and rebate games.


Shop our market as an affiliate member, or become a full participating member to access more value.

Innovative Products

New trends in dispensing and marketing to keep you profitable.

No Games

Use us for our pricing and value on our marketplace or as a full GPO member. Without rebates tied to purchasing or participation ratios, we want your business only when we earn it.


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