Know About Us

GPO Pro is the is a purchasing solution designed specifically to meet the needs of independent pharmacies. GPO Pro 's Affiliate Member Portal offers discounts over other secondary sources due to our size and full participating member purchasing power.

Our mission is to continuously add value to your bottom line. We work daily to bring specials, new services, innovative products, and insights into your store's performance.

GPO Pro will save you money, save you time, and add value.

Our Services

Our marketplace and full GPO contract is available to those looking for a quicker way to source Rx, OTC, and retail products without commitments or games.
Security and privacy are built into every aspect of our platform, our cutting edge developers following and exceeding national standards ensures your payment and purchasing data is secure.
Reverse Distribution
We provide members (both affiliates shopping on the portal and ful members) discounts for this often forgotten part of pharmacy workflow that can immediately free up tens of thousands of dollars trapped in expiring products.
GPO Pro has been designed by pharmacists, fo busy pharmacy staff. The least clicks, standard credit and payment forms, and state and vendor specific rules system limits wasted time on unfulfilled orders.

Change Your Fiscal Year Today

We feel privileged to be able to empower the nation's most accessible healthcare provider, the independent pharmacist, by making their business more profitable and compliant through our easy to use and track purchasing system.